Hairdresser Hallam

CutJunior StylistSenior StylistMaster StylistArtistic Stylist
Trim and Dry Offfrom$45$55$65$72
Ladies Cut & Blow-wavefrom$58$85$98$108
Men’s Cutfrom$45$45$45$48
Secondary Studentsfrom$45$55$72$78
University & Tertiary Students
Cut & Blow Wave
ColourJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Full Colour Shortfrom$77$88$99
Full Colour Mediumfrom$88$99$110
Full Colour Longfrom$99$121$121
Extra Hairfrom$30$30$30
Extra Stylingfrom$30$30$30
FoilsJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic StylistToner
Four Foilsfrom$72$80$80Fanola $5
1/2 Headfrom$164$181$193
3/4 Headfrom$175$201$213
Full Headfrom$206$226$236
Extra Hair Colourfrom$30$30$30$30
Extra Hair Tonerfrom$30$30$30$30
Shampoo / Toner / Dryfrom$64

Back to Back Fails add extra $80
Foiling is the art of colouring hair, from beautiful blondes to stunning reds and sunshine pastels to toned wheat colouring. For your highly skilled hair colour service, talk to our stylist to find out how we can add light to your hair colour.

LighteningSenior Stylist
Luminous Lightening Regrowth* (2 applications only)
New Luminous Colour* (2 applications only)

if a 3rd Application of toner is required $70 Extra will be charged

Thermal StylingJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Up stylingfrom$100$121$121
Wedding Bridal(Includes trial)fromn/a$150$180
Extensions add extra $30
Party Hair and GHD Curls
No wash, just 20 minutes styling from $44
Luxury plus Booster treatment $41

Hairdresser in Hallam

Finding a hair dresser in Hallam doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Dominic’s, we provide a serene environment that all our clients can relax in. From the comfortable chairs through to the ample space, our salon is the perfect setting for feeling soothed while you enjoy a little pampering.

Hair colouring from the professionals

Colouring your hair is a big decision, especially when you’re excited about the results. Our hairdressers in Hallam have the training, experience, and aptitude for finding the perfect colour for you. After discussing your needs with you at the beginning of your appointment, they’ll help you find the perfect shade. In addition to providing hair colouring, we can use highlights to lighten your tone.

Patch testing

Depending on the hair colouring you require, we may need to perform a patch test 24 hours before your appointment. This test is a standard procedure and it allows us to identify any potential allergies.

A hairdresser in Hallam that pays close attention to detail

When you make an appointment with a hairdresser in Hallam you need someone who pays close attention to detail. At Dominic’s, this is something all our stylists strive for.

Whether you’re seeking a radical transformation or a small trim, we’ll keep your wants and needs in mind. As experts with a keen eye for detail, we’re also able to provide advice on caring for your hair. This advice is tailored to your specific hair type, and we can make recommendations for product use too.

Thermal styling you can love

Thermal styling is the art of using tools such as professional-grade straighteners and curlers to create a temporary hair style you love. It’s an excellent way to treat yourself if you fancy some pampering. For example, many of our clients love to come to us for sleek straight hair or a bouncy blow dry.

Many also choose to use our hairdressers in Hallam because they’re due to attend a big event. From weddings through to corporate soirees, having the right hairstyle can make your confidence rocket. We’ll make creating your dream image a priority, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll look on the big day.

High-end products for excellent results

As fabulous as your hair is, it can also be quite delicate. Because of this, we use high-end products that’ll maintain its strength. Our thermal protection sprays and serums are excellent for guarding your hair against high levels of heat. When choosing shampoos and conditioners, we’ll select those that best complement your hair type. If you need any advice on which products to buy, we can help you out.

To arrange an appointment at our salon, call us on (03) 9704 8963.