Best Hair Salon and Hair Cut at Hallam

CutJunior StylistSenior StylistMaster StylistArtistic Stylist
Trim and Dry Offfrom$45$55$65$72
Ladies Cut & Blow-wavefrom$58$85$98$108
Men’s Cutfrom$45$45$45$48
Secondary Studentsfrom$45$55$72$78
University & Tertiary Students
Cut & Blow Wave
ColourJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Full Colour Shortfrom$77$88$99
Full Colour Mediumfrom$88$99$110
Full Colour Longfrom$99$121$121
Extra Hairfrom$30$30$30
Extra Stylingfrom$30$30$30
FoilsJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic StylistToner
Four Foilsfrom$72$80$80Fanola $5
1/2 Headfrom$164$181$193
3/4 Headfrom$175$201$213
Full Headfrom$206$226$236
Extra Hair Colourfrom$30$30$30$30
Extra Hair Tonerfrom$30$30$30$30
Shampoo / Toner / Dryfrom$64

Back to Back Fails add extra $80
Foiling is the art of colouring hair, from beautiful blondes to stunning reds and sunshine pastels to toned wheat colouring. For your highly skilled hair colour service, talk to our stylist to find out how we can add light to your hair colour.

LighteningSenior Stylist
Luminous Lightening Regrowth* (2 applications only)
New Luminous Colour* (2 applications only)

if a 3rd Application of toner is required $70 Extra will be charged

Thermal StylingJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Up stylingfrom$100$121$121
Wedding Bridal(Includes trial)fromn/a$150$180
Extensions add extra $30
Party Hair and GHD Curls
No wash, just 20 minutes styling from $44
Luxury plus Booster treatment $41

Your Go-to Hair Salon in Hallam

With a long-standing history of serving clients throughout the Hallam area, the team here at Dominic’s is here to help you transform your hair for the better. Each stylist who works for us is adept at helping you find styles that’ll bring your look to life. When you’re searching for a hair salon in Hallam, make Dominic’s your first choice.

Focusing on our clients’ wants and needs

Your visit to any hair salon should be relaxing and enjoyable. For us to achieve that, we’ll focus on your wants and needs.

When you arrive at your appointment, your stylist at Dominic’s will discuss your desired style and help you create a look that boosts your confidence. Whether you require thermal styling, a new colour, or a simple cut, our stylists are up to the task.

A hair salon in Hallam that uses high-end products

At Dominic’s, we know just how important excellent hair care is for you. It’s for this reason that we use high-end products during the course of each treatment. While creating your new style, we’ll choose each product according to your hair type and the treatment you’re having. For example, if you’re coming to us for thermal styling, we’ll select serums and thermal protection sprays that maintain your hair’s integrity. Regardless of which products we use, you can rest assured that you’re benefiting from some of the best hair care methods in the industry.

Thermal styling with stunning results

One of the best ways to create the look of your dreams is through thermal styling. Using professional-grade curling tongs and straighteners, we can style your hair to perfection. Whether you’re coming to us for thermal styling before an event or because you’re preparing for a night out, we’ll prioritise your desired end-result.

A collection of stylists that provide colouring services

People throughout Hallam choose to colour their hair for lots of reasons. While some might seek a completely different look, others are aiming to cover their greys. Whatever your reasons for colouring your hair, our hair salon in Hallam is the perfect place to do so.

With a keen eye for matching your skin’s tone and creating a colour blend that doesn’t cause damage, the stylists at Dominic’s will deliver the results you deserve. In addition to providing hair colouring, we offer highlighting with discrete results. Or, if you’re seeking an outlandish look, we can help there too.

Staying abreast of the latest trends

While some hair cuts remain as firm classics, others tend to come and go as trends. At Dominic’s, our stylists are able to achieve both. With years of experience in catering to both male and female clients, we know what it takes to stay on-trend.

To make an appointment with one of our stylists, call (03) 9704 8963.