Best Hair Salon Fountain Gate

CutJunior StylistSenior StylistMaster StylistArtistic Stylist
Trim and Dry Offfrom$45$55$65$72
Ladies Cut & Blow-wavefrom$58$85$98$108
Men’s Cutfrom$45$45$45$48
Secondary Studentsfrom$45$55$72$78
University & Tertiary Students
Cut & Blow Wave
ColourJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Full Colour Shortfrom$77$88$99
Full Colour Mediumfrom$88$99$110
Full Colour Longfrom$99$121$121
Extra Hairfrom$30$30$30
Extra Stylingfrom$30$30$30
FoilsJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic StylistToner
Four Foilsfrom$72$80$80Fanola $5
1/2 Headfrom$164$181$193
3/4 Headfrom$175$201$213
Full Headfrom$206$226$236
Extra Hair Colourfrom$30$30$30$30
Extra Hair Tonerfrom$30$30$30$30
Shampoo / Toner / Dryfrom$64

Back to Back Fails add extra $80
Foiling is the art of colouring hair, from beautiful blondes to stunning reds and sunshine pastels to toned wheat colouring. For your highly skilled hair colour service, talk to our stylist to find out how we can add light to your hair colour.

LighteningSenior Stylist
Luminous Lightening Regrowth* (2 applications only)
New Luminous Colour* (2 applications only)

if a 3rd Application of toner is required $70 Extra will be charged

Thermal StylingJunior StylistSenior Stylist / Master StylistArtistic Stylist
Up stylingfrom$100$121$121
Wedding Bridal(Includes trial)fromn/a$150$180
Extensions add extra $30
Party Hair and GHD Curls
No wash, just 20 minutes styling from $44
Luxury plus Booster treatment $41

Hair Salon in Fountain Gate

At Dominic’s, our hair salon in Fountain Gate provides an environment in which our stylists only ever strive for the best. Whether you’re seeking a traditional style or something more contemporary, we’re able to provide it.

With an ongoing commitment to excellence and expertise, the team at Dominic’s is here to make your hair the best it can be. From the moment you walk through our doors, we’ll listen to your needs and style your hair accordingly. That way, you won’t need to worry about how your hair will look when you walk out.

Treat yourself to a little pampering

The team at Dominic’s is here to help you feel pampered. Our high-end hairdressing space complete with comfortable chairs will ensure you feel relaxed from start to finish. Each stylist who acts as a member of our team can use their creative expertise to bring out the best in your appearance.

Are you looking for a little inspiration? With years of gaining experience at our hair salon in Fountain Gate, we know just how difficult it can be to decide on your exact look. Fortunately, our hairdressers are happy to give you a little direction. As experts in their field, they even know what’s likely to give you the best results.

Using your wishes as a guide, our hair stylists can create dramatic transformations, craft stylish up-dos, and more. By the time we’re finished with your hair, your confidence will rocket.

Colouring and highlights at our hair salon in Fountain Gate

Each hair colouring and highlights experience at our hair salon in Fountain Gate starts with a brief consultation. The end result is as important to our stylists as it is to you, which is why we like to dedicate a little time to this process.

Once we’re done discovering your wishes, we’ll help you relax into one of our comfortable chairs and get to work. If it’s your first time using our hair colouring or highlight services, we may need to perform a patch test. Rest assured, this is for your safety and satisfaction, and it’s a standard procedure.

Aftercare is everything when it comes to extending the results of your colouring, so feel free to ask us for some tips! We love sharing knowledge with our clients, especially if it means prolonging the results of their treatment.

Thermal treatments with astounding results

From hair straightening to curling, thermal treatments can go a long way when it comes to creating a gorgeous look. Our hair salon in Fountain Gate is an ideal setting for thermal styling before a big event, or just because you want to treat yourself. To ensure we maintain the integrity of your hair, we use protective sprays and other adjuncts.

To make an appointment at Dominic’s, call us on (03) 9704 8963.